Logistics Grand Prize – The Robotics Innovation Award (2021)

The award is organized by Japan Institute of Logistics Systems, and is given for outstanding achievements in the area of logistics promotion by supporting the development of logistics in society and raising the consciousness of those involved in the field of logistics.

In spite of the heavy workload involved, the automation of mixed case palletizing at logistics centers had been technically difficult in the past. Mujin has realized the automation by developing MujinRobot Palletizer, and was highly evaluated as an excellent initiative to realize “people-friendly logistics” that eliminates high-load work.


The 9th Technology Management and Innovation Award – the Ministry of Education Award (2021)

The award is hosted by Japan Techno-Economics Society to present examples of outstanding innovations changing the world.

Mujin’s development of MujinController won the award as the achievement of improving productivity in logistics and manufacturing sites and expanding the robot market had been highly evaluated. In addition, Mujin’s abilities to conceive the idea and manage the processes which enabled to realize the innovation in the face of many difficulties had also been recognized.


APAC Business Award – Best for Manufacturing Automation Solutions (2020)

The award is organized by APAC Insider, and to commend the outstanding achievements of businesses owners and entrepreneurs from across the Asia Pacific region.

The 27th Japan Material Handling Award – Special Award (2020)

This is an award system that examines the research, development, improvement, and rationalization of Material Handling equipment, systems, and information systems, and selects winners based on their “economy,” “rationality,” “originality,” “safety,” “social contribution,” and “future potential”.

Mujin’s “Material Handling Robot System that Solves the Problem of Manpower Shortage” was selected for the award for its development and practical application of a system that recognizes the shape, position, and status of an object, moves and grasps it in a smooth path without teaching, and continues to evolve and spread.


Japan Open Innovation Prize – the Prime Minister’s Award (2020)

“Intelligent Robot Controller Development,” which Mujin has worked with 8 major robot makers, was awarded the Prime Minister Award, the highest rank of the 2nd Japan Open Innovation Prize by the Cabinet Office. Collaborating with 8 major robot makers such as The Yaskawa Electric Corporation, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp., Mujin has worked on the first open innovation in the robotics field to create new market but not to compete for existing market. We have developed “Intelligent Robot Controllers (Mujin Controllers),” designated as a common platform for industrial robots, and enabled robots to move without programming. As a result, we realized process automation which has never been possible before as well as simplifying and reducing the cost of implementation.


World 30 – Nikkei Award (Grand prize) (2019)

Mujin participated in “World 30”, 3 minute pitch contest among 30 AI startups in the world, held at AI/SUM (Applied AI Summit) by Nikkei. As a result, Mujin won Nikkei Award – for the best company.


JSME Medal for New Technology (2019)

Mujin’s “Development and Commercialization of Completely Teachless/ Intelligent Robot Controller” received the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Award 2018.


The 61st Ten Greatest New Product Award – Japan Brand Award (2019)

Mujin’s “Piece Picking Solution” won “Japan Brand Award” in Ten Greatest New Products Award. This award is for the new products which have competitive technology in the world or enhance the brand of “Made by Japanese company. “


Robots and Society Award (2018)

Mujin won “Robots and Society Award” presented by The Robotics Society of Japan on October 11, 2018.

The reason of this award is how we are contributing to the social problems such as labor shortage by Mujin’s teach-less robot systems.


Japan Technology Fast 50 – 5th (2018)

Mujin ranked 5 in the 16th Japan Technology Fast 50, with revenue (sales) growth of 1,251.14% based on the past three accounting periods. Japan Technology Fast 50, announced annually by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC, is a ranking of the 50 fastest-growing Japanese companies in the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) industries based on their revenue (sales) growth percentage based on the last three accounting periods.


Japan-US Innovation Awards (2018)

We are proud to announce that Mujin was presented “The Emerging Leader -Japan” Award at the U.S.-Japan Innovation Awards Symposium hosted by the Japan Society of Northern California in cooperation with the US-Asia Technology Management Center at Stanford University.

Japanese starts-ups have always struggled to compete with those in the Silicon Valley, but some have proved that “combining Japanese creativity and American entrepreneurial skills,” can result in the most amazing ideas.


Japan Venture Award (2018)

The Japan Venture Awards recognizes executives of innovative, ambitious venture companies that have a high growth potential and contribute to regional activation.


The Kigyoka (entrepreneur) Award (2017)

The Kigyoka (entrepreneur) Award is given to venture entrepreneurs who have made remarkable progress throughout the year. In addition to current progress, highly valued aspects include past achievements, future prospects, the degree of contribution to society and business activities that give dreams to the youth, who is going to support the future Japanese society. It aims to contribute to the revitalization of the Japanese economy by honoring entrepreneurs who create new culture through business.


The JEITA Venture Award (2017)

The JEITA Venture Award recognizes both developments in the information technology industry and business ventures that contribute to economic development; in 2017, Mujin was selected as one of seven companies to receive the award.


Robot Award (2016)

Mujin’s product, the completely teachless bulk picking Mujin Controller “Pick Worker,” won the 7th Robot Award from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry.