Company profile

Corporate Name
Mujin, Inc.

Mujin, Inc. (Tokyo)
3-8-5 Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0053 Japan

Mujin Corp. (US)
8601 Dunwoody Pl Suite 315 Sandy Springs, GA 30350 USA

牧今科技(广州)有限责任公司 (Guangzhou)
101, Building 4, No. 100, Li Jiao Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China


CEO:Issei Takino
CTO / President of Mujin Corp.:Rosen Diankov
VP / President of Mujin China:Huan Liu

L to R : Issei Takino, Rosen Diankov, Huan Liu

Executive Officer:Jumpei Daikoku

Description of Business
– Intelligent robot controller development and sales
– Robot system integration
6th July 2011
100,000,000 yen
Number of Employees
150 (Including subsidiaries as of October 2020
Principal shareholders
Rosen Diankov
Issei Takino
Huan Liu
JAFCO Co., Ltd.


July 2011
Company registered as Mujin, Inc.
August 2012
Procured 75 million yen in series A funding from the University of Tokyo Edge Capital (UTEC)
September 2012
Company headquarters established in Koishikawa, Bunkyo Ward
June 2014
Moved the office to Yushima
August 2014
Mujin, Inc. procured total of 600 million yen in series B funding from JAFCO and UTEC
January 2015
Launched “Mujin Controller PickWorker,” the world’s first teachless controller for bulk picking
August 2015
Moved the office to Hongo for business growth
July 2016
Business partnership with ASKUL CORP.
October 2016
Received the Annual Robot Award from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, as the first venture company to win the award
May 2017
Headquarters moved to our current location in Oshiage
June 2017
Received the JEITA Venture Award
July 2017
Received the Challenger Award from the Kigyoka (entrepreneur) Club
February 2018
Received the Director of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Award of Japan Venture Awards 2018
July 2018
Received the Japan-US Innovation Award 2018
September 2018
Received the Special Recognition Award of Logistics Awards 2018
October 2018
Received the Robots and Society Award by the Robotics Society of Japan
January 2019
Received the Japan Brand Award of 61st Ten Greatest New Product Awards
Feburuary 2019
Secured 7.5 billion yen in financing in the form of a special overdraft agreement with Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Feburuary 2019
March 2019
Received JSME Medal for New Technology 2018
April 2019
Launched China office in Guangzhou, China
April 2019
Received the Nikkei Award (Grand prize) of AI/SUM World 30
June 2019
Business partnership with Accenture
August 2019
Moved the office to Tatsumi
November 2019
Global partnership with Fast Retailing
February 2020
Received the Prime Minister Award of the 2nd Japan Open Innovation Prize
July 2020
Received the Special Award of the 27th Japan Material Handling Awards
August 2020
Business partnership with Frame worx
September 2020
CEO Issei was selected among 100 people transforming business in Asia
November 2020
Launched Nagoya Sales Office
January 2021
Received the Best for Manufacturing Automation Solutions 2020 of APAC Business Awards
January 2021
Received the Ministry of Education Award of the 9th Technology Management and Innovation Awards
May 2021
Launched Mujin Corp. (US office) in Georgia, US
September 2021
Received the Robotics Innovation Award of the Logistics Awards 2021


Retrospective view of Mujin


Before establishing Mujin (2010)


Company office opened in Koishikawa, Bunkyo Ward (2012)


Starting out with 2 desks (2012)


Relocated the headquarters to Yushima (2014)


Attended the DMS exhibition with our own booth for the first time (2015)


Moved the headquarters to Hongo for business growth (2015)


Attended the International Robot Exhibition with 8 booth lots (2015)


The first business partnership with ASKUL CORP. (2016)


Attended the International Robot Exhibition with 52 booth lots (2017)


The business partnership with FAST RETAILING. (2019)


Attended the International Robot Exhibition with total logistics solutions (2019)