Release of MujinRobot Depalletizer, the Next Generation of Case Picking Robots

Tokyo, Japan (July 14, 2021) — Mujin, Inc. has launched “MujinRobot Depalletizer”, the next generation of intelligent depalletizing robots that automate the unloading of case goods in distribution warehouses.

Mujin has been providing the largest number of intelligent robot solutions for logistics in Japan, and now we have integrated our experience and field knowledge to revamp the three major components of the intelligent robot system to the next generation.

・New MujinController (with new software)
・New Mujin3DVision (with new version of next-generation sensors and software)
・New MujinHand (new hands and new functions added)

With the introduction of these product lines, we have launched intelligent depalletizing robots as “MujinRobot Depalletizers”, which have significantly enhanced functionality and performance compared to the previous model.

Updates for MujinRobot Depalletizer

Compared to the previous 2020 model, the MujinRobot Depalletizer has improved its performance in the following areas;

◆ Significant improvement in processing speed

We have succeeded in increasing the processing speed of intelligent robots by speeding up the operating logic of MujinController and improving the recognition accuracy of the Mujin3DVision.
For example, the MujinRobot Depalletizer at Mujin showroom has increased its speed by 25%.

※Measured at Mujin showroom environment. Processing capacity varies depending on the target workpiece, conditions, and environment.

◆ “Side Support Gripper” – transport fragile cases at high speed

Depending on the type of work to be handled, Mujin offers a variety of standard hand models with built-in sensors. We have now added a “Side Support Gripper” that supports the case on two sides to safely and quickly transport heavy items with weak box strength or unstable cases with perforations on the top. As a result, the average transport speed of fragile cases was increased.

◆ “Hand Changer” – handle multiple workpieces by one robot

A “Hand Changer” function has been added for use when a single hand cannot handle the task, such as when a robot needs to transport both cardboard cases and containers. When a robot recognizes the workpiece and judges that it cannot be handled by the hand, it automatically switches to another hand. As a result, a single robot can handle the task instead of the two that were required in the past, significantly reducing space and equipment costs.

◆ Depalletizing from high stacked cases

By expanding the recognition range of Mujin3DVision, it is now possible to recognize the lowest part of a load stacked more than 2 meters high, which had been requested in the past but was outside the specifications.
In order to increase loading efficiency during truck transportation, it is effective to load and transport high. On the other hand, depalletizing high stacked cases is a difficult and burdensome task when done manually. Technological advances have made it possible to automate the process.

Features of MujinRobot Depalletizer

In addition to the above points, the following features continue from previous products.

◆World’s fastest level of processing speed
We have realized one of the world’s fastest robots that autonomously considers the condition of the workpiece and the environment, and moves at the optimum and fastest motion each time. (1000 pc/h for single-SKU, 600 pc/h for mixed-SKU)

◆ Masterless
There is no need to register cases in advance, regardless of whether they are a single SKU or mixed SKUs. The system will automatically respond to new products and design changes.

 ◆ A wide range of functions
With unique functions that utilize more than 360 patented technologies, such as barcode reader, collision safety, and workpiece transfer, it meets a wide range of needs required for on-site implementation.

◆ Simple and short-term implementation
Mujin will conduct the entire process from proposal, testing, on-site installation, and system adjustment, allowing for short-term implementation.

◆ After Support
Even in the unlikely event of a problem, our after support system, including remote support, allows for a quick recovery response.


In recent years, more and more companies are automating the processes that handle heavy loads because of consideration for their employees and a growing awareness of labor standards and compliance.
In order to realize logistics warehouses where employees can work in good health, Mujin will work together with customers to promote the realization of “people-friendly logistics warehouses” by providing MujinRobot.


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