Award: JSME Medal for New Technology 2018

Mujin, Inc. won “JSME Medal for New Technology 2018” presented by The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers.

◆JSME Medal for New Technology

Technology:Development and Commercialization of Completely Teachless/ Intelligent Robot Controller

◆Development and Commercialization of Completely Teachless/ Intelligent Robot Controller

In Japan, despite desperate shortage of workers due to declining labor force, automation by industrial robots is not an easy path. The biggest challenge when implementing these robots is “teaching.” This is the process in which robots are programmed their every move, and it is necessary each time their objects change. The teaching process was a huge obstacle for the implementation, especially in the logistics industry due to its multi-type, rapidly changing products. The “Completely Teachless/ Intelligent Robot Controller”made this process unnecessary by utilizing motion planning AI technology, high-speed parallel distributed computing processing, etc, and putting the system-linked robots under autonomous control like humans.


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Corporate Name: Mujin, Inc.
Establishment: July, 2011
Representative Director: Issei Takino
Description of Business: Intelligent robot controller development and sales

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