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A unique and intelligent solution for unloading boxes and bags from a pallet or other container


Features and Advantages 

Point 1

High rate for both single-SKU and mixed-SKU depalletizing applications

Mujin’s unique approach to robotics applications creates fluid and efficient motion plans in real-time.  This is a distinct improvement over traditional control practices that allows Mujin robots to take the shortest path for every intended move.  We can achieve rated greater than 1,000 cases/hour for single-SKU depalletizing and 600 cases/hour for mixed-SKU depalletizing.

Point 2 

Mujin has standard gripper options and custom solutions to handle any container necessary

Cardboard boxes, cartons, plastic totes, or bags can be handled by standard Mujin gripper technologies. Mujin also offers multi-pick grippers and other standard solutions for various abnormal containers.  If you have a need for any uncommon container, please reach out to the Mujin team.

Point 3

Reduce your dependence on manual labor using a system built with your operation needs in mind

Allowing robots to take on physical tasks will free your workforce to accomplish more and upskill to better serve the overall business needs.  Mujin’s intelligent solutions are designed to auto-recover similar to a human worker to minimize downtime.  

Point 4

Mujin robotic solutions utilize Machine Intelligence to operate autonomously 

Mujin3DVision is the world’s first evolving vision system that automatically learns and evolves not only shapes but also various workpiece information. This makes it possible to handle a wide variety of products with higher safety by simply putting the pallets in place at the site.

Point 5

Auto-register SKU dated in real-time

Empowered by perception and modeling, our solutions offer immense data and production tracking capabilities.  Without any prior information Mujin can register the L,W,H and weight of each incoming SKU and offer a registry to any operational systems that request this information.  

> Details for MujinRobot

Achieve 1,000 cs/ h Multi-pick hand
World’s best operation record 一 Mixed depalletizing robot
High-precision detection of any box 3D Vision

Corresponding workpiece

ImageCardboard case
Support both single and mixed depalletizing
ImageLarge paper bag / plastic bag
Support both single and mixed depalletizing
Support both single and mixed depalletizing

Main component

The world’s largest number of operations in the logistics field

Mujin’s proprietary 3D detection technology with the world’s most successful results

3D recognition is possible for all kinds of products, including plain workpieces, which are difficult to identify by other companies. It has the largest recognition record in the logistics industry with hundreds of thousands of SKUs.

Specially designed for use in industrial sites

1. High-resolution sensor enables acquisition of detailed point clouds
2. Easy installation due to ultra-compact and integrated design
3. Fanless specification for poor environment


Accurate recognition of a wide variety of workpieces based on high-precision point clouds.

Obtain a clear point cloud even with transparent tape.
Accurately convert complicated patterns into point cloud data.
Accurately grasps the unevenness of the top surface.
ImageAble to handle polygonal workpieces.
ImageRecognize cardboard case with slits as a form of one workpiece.
ImageRecognize LW orientation even for square workpieces.
ImageRecognition accuracy remains unchanged even in mixed use.
ImageRecognize plain cardboard accurately.
ImageRecognize deformable workpieces such as bags.
ImageAble to handle workpieces that are difficult to identify from the top surface
ImageBanded products can be handled as a single workpiece.

The world’s first intelligent robot controller

All-in-one functions required for depalletizing

With MujinController, the robot can be controlled completely without teaching and with a level of intelligence far higher than that of other companies. MujinController combines information from 3D vision sensors, torque sensors, and many other peripheral devices to provide the robot’s intelligence. MujinController will continue to maximize the capabilities of the robot even in the ever-changing logistics environment.


Features for depalletizer

Wide variety of standard robots

Selectable payload and reach according to the application and layout

You can select the most suitable robot according to the weight of the workpiece, the installation space, and the specifications of the peripheral equipment, thus expanding the scenes in which the robot can be used.

Also compatible with all other major manufacturers’ robots

MujinControllers can be used with robots from a variety of manufacturers with the same quality of operation. You can choose the one that best suits the characteristics of each manufacturer and model.


Intelligent hands to match the workpiece

For cardboard cases
For cardboard cases
Image2 face hand
For perforated cardboard
ImageBag hand
For large paper bags and plastic bags
ImageContainer hand
For containers

Customer case


Supermarket chain

Depalletize beverage and food case products from mixed pallets. Responsible for feeding the products into the sorting system.


Sakaba Shoten KK

Depalletizing from mixed pallets at the distribution center of a daily goods wholesaler. The system is linked to a pallet conveyor to improve efficiency.


Paltac Corporation

Fully automated case picking from a single pallet in conjunction with an automated warehouse. This has greatly improved the shipping efficiency of a large-scale Distribution center.


Main standard specifications (when the workpiece is a cardboard case)

Item Standard specification
Capacity Max Single: 1,000cs/h Mixed: 600cs/h


Max Standard Hand: 600mmL x 600mmW x 600mmH
Customized:Able to handle larger workpieces.
Min 225mmL x 150mmW x 80mmH
Max 1250mmL x 1250mmW x 2000mmH (including pallet)
Power supply 200V 5kVA
100V 30A
Air 420NL/min
Temperature 0~40℃
Humidity 20 ~ 80 %RH (No condensation)
Location Restricted to indoor use only.
load capacity
More than 1.5t/㎡ (Static load)

※We can also provide products outside the specifications. Please contact us for details.

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