Piece Picking
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A piece picking robot that boasts the world’s highest capacity of up to 1,000pcs/h


Features and Advantages

Point 1

World’s most used piece picking solutions

It boasts the world’s largest number of robots in operation, with more than 20 robots in operation at one center.

Point 2

World’s No.1 piece picking processing capacity

Mujin’s unique robot intelligence control technology achieves the world’s No. 1 transport capacity of up to 1,000 pcs/hour for piece picking.

Point 3

Reliable and secure with registration system

By converting the workpieces into data with the registration system, they can be handled reliably and safely, for example, aligned and placed in a small space.

Point 4

Do not drop or damage the product

Workpiece size and placement space are calculated in real time, allowing products to be aligned and placed without damage.

Point 5

Many achievements in various scenes; picking, sorting and sorter insertion

The system is highly versatile and can take over the picking work for people in various processes in distribution centers.

Pick any workpiece accurately and quickly
The only one in the industry that arranges stacking in a line
Versatile and multipurpose

Corresponding workpiece

Covers a wide variety of shapes and ultra-multiple piece products.

Supports not only standard products but also irregularly shaped pieces.

It is capable of picking a wide range of products, from simple shaped workpieces such as boxes to irregularly shaped products and easily deformed workpieces such as pouches.

Proven track record in a variety of industries and logistics processes

1. sorting of pharmaceuticals
2. piece picking of various products for EC
3. electrical equipment warehousing and sorting


Main component

The world’s largest number of operations in the logistics field

Mujin’s proprietary 3D detection technology with the world’s most successful results

3D recognition is possible for all kinds of products, including plain workpieces, which are difficult to identify by other companies. It has the largest recognition record in the logistics industry with hundreds of thousands of SKUs.

Specially designed for use in industrial sites

1. High-resolution sensor enables acquisition of detailed point clouds
2. Easy installation due to ultra-compact and integrated design
3. Fanless specification for poor environment

The world’s first intelligent robot controller

All-in-one functions required for piece picking

With MujinController, the robot can be controlled completely without teaching and with a level of intelligence far higher than that of other companies. MujinController combines information from 3D vision sensors, torque sensors, and many other peripheral devices to provide the robot’s intelligence. MujinController will continue to maximize the capabilities of the robot even in the ever-changing logistics environment.


Features for piece picker

Wide variety of standard robots

Mujin’s Piece Picking Robot

Mujin’s original piece picking robot designed specifically for piece picking.
Its slim and lightweight body enables high-speed operation despite its long reach. This is Mujin’s standard model, which has been introduced all over the world since its release.

Also compatible with all other major manufacturers’ robots

MujinControllers can be used with robots from a variety of manufacturers with the same quality of operation. You can choose the one that best suits the characteristics of each manufacturer and model.


Intelligent hands to match the workpiece

Independently controlled adsorption mechanism

Detailed control of each pad’s suction to the piece product allows for accurate grasping and prevents the product from being unnecessarily swung or dropped.

Multiple hands can be used with hand change

The number of supported container sizes and target piece varieties can be expanded by switching hands in the hand change.


Customer case


Hitachi Transport System, Ltd.

We have automated the sorting process for pharmaceuticals, which requires extremely high logistical quality. The products are arranged in containers while being inspected by a barcode reader during transportation.



MujinRobot PiecePicker works with an automated warehouse in a state-of-the-art e-commerce distribution center, and can flexibly handle workpieces of various shapes.



The robot is used in the shipping center of electrical equipment, and is responsible for the sorter input operation after total picking. The pick-and-drop system achieves high throughput.


Main standard specifications (single SKU case)

Item Standard specification
Capacity Max 1,000pcs/h
Max 350mmL x 300mmW x 300mmH
Min 30mmL x 30mmW x 20mmH
container dimensions
Max 550mmL x 380mmW x 380mmH (internal dimensions)
Power supply 200V 1.5kVA
100V 25A
Air Depends on the hand used
Temperature 0~40℃
Humidity 20 ~ 80 %RH (No condensation)
Location Restricted to indoor use only.
load capacity
More than 1.0t/㎡ (Static load)

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