Intelligent robot for manufacturing

Container Depalletizing

Variable hand handling of various sizes of returnable containers (plastic containers)
Automates the unloading of heavy containers with a high capacity of 15 seconds per box


Features and Advantages

Point 1

World’s No.1 depalletizing processing capacity

Automates the unloading of returnable boxes weighing 20 kg or more with a high throughput of 15 seconds per box.

Point 2

Variable hand can handle both single and mixed loading.

Variable hand can be used for returnable boxes of various sizes. Standard support for single and mixed loading.

Point 3

Hand-eye 3D vision system for ultra-high precision recognition

Accurate recognition of small gaps and gripping points between returnable containers by 3D recognition of the load from two directions.

Point 4

Standard linkage with AGVs possible

The combination of robots and AGVs supports automation with outstanding flexibility in factories where many line reconfigurations occur.

High throughput of 15 seconds/box
Variable hand for gripping a wide range of returnable containers
Hand-eye 3D vision for accurate recognition of objects

Corresponding workpiece

ImageContainer (various size)
Supports both single and mixed depalletizing

Main standard specifications

Item Standard specification
Capacity 15sec/cs ※Varies depending on workpiece conditions.
Workpiece size Max 337mmLx672mmWx400mmH
Min 168mmLx335mmWx103mmH
Hand-eye field of view 650mmLx650mmWx600mmH
Power supply 200V 5kVA
100V 30A
Air 250NL/min
Temperature  0~40℃
Humidity 20 ~ 80 %RH (No condensation)
Location Restricted to indoor use only.
load capacity
More than 1.5t/㎡ (Static load)

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