Intelligent robot for manufacturing

Bin Picking

No workpiece stocker, no setup process,” the robot automates parts loading.
High versatility and full of functions to ensure that no workpiece is left behind.


Features and Advantages

Point 1

No workpiece left behind even from the deep box

The unique intelligent robot control allows for easy approach to deep positions without bumping into boxes or other workpieces, so no workpiece is left behind.

Point 2

Cover a wide variety of products with a small number of man-hours

The trajectory of the robot is generated automatically, so it can flexibly assume the gripping posture according to the shape of the workpiece. Therefore, additional products can be added with minimum man-hours.

Point 3

Can be installed in small spaces because it doesn’t collide with other devices

As long as the environmental model data is prepared, the robot will automatically avoid interference, so it can be installed in narrow layouts.


Corresponding workpiece

Numerous achievements in automotive parts production lines

Mujin’s unique teachless technology drastically reduces the time required for robot teaching and enables bulk picking in a short period of time. Mujin has a particularly strong track record in automotive parts manufacturing, and can handle parts of various shapes, including gears, crankshafts, camshafts, connecting rods (connecting rods), and various types of aluminum die-cast parts.

ImageVarious gears
ImageConnecting rod
ImageRocker arm
ImageBearing parts
ImageVarious die-cast products
ImageRough material for small-sized bearings
ImageDeformed gear roughing material
ImageMetal circular rough material
ImageForged gear rough material
ImageRough castings of large gears
ImageRough material for forging blades
ImageSheet Metal Pressed Products
ImageOther deformed materials

Main components

The world’s first intelligent robot controller

All-in-one functions required for bin picking

By directly controlling the robot without teaching and at a much deeper level than other companies, and by combining it with peripheral devices such as grippers to make it intelligent, we have been able to realize a number of robot applications that were previously impossible. We continue to maximize the capabilities of our robots not only for rough gears and billets, but also for bulk picking of die castings and other metal parts with complex shapes.


Features for bin picking

Wide variety of standard robots

Selectable payload and reach according to the application and layout

The most suitable robot can be introduced according to the weight of the workpiece, the environment of the manufacturing site, and the peripheral equipment.

Also compatible with all other major manufacturers’ robots

Standard models are available, but we can also provide robots from various manufacturers with similar operational quality, depending on the customer’s situation.


Standard fingers to match the workpiece

ImageFor circular large diameter gear parts
ImageFor circular small diameter gear parts
ImageFor circular long and deep gear parts
ImageFor long mono shafts
ImageFor long mono billet materials

Example of combination with processing machine

Automatic feeding device for tool parts to cutting machines


Automatic feeder for gear parts to forging press line


Automatic feeder for cutting process of aluminum die casting parts


Customer case



A three-dimensional picking robot that automatically feeds die-cast parts with complex shapes into the processing line.


Aisin Corporation

This is a container-changing robot delivered to the company’s distribution center, capable of picking multiple types of workpieces with one type of hand.


KITZ Corporation

This is a case study of KITZ Corporation, which has achieved bulk picking of valve parts with complex shapes. The system can handle a wide variety of workpieces and precisely controls the feeding posture.


Standard package product



Equipped with Mujin’s MI Picking Robot
General-purpose machine for bin picking

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