Mobile Robot


Utilizing the “vertical” space that used to be dead space
Automatic container storage that can be installed immediately


Features and Advantages

Point 1

Improve storage efficiency by utilizing vertical space

With a reach of up to 4 meters in height, it achieves twice the storage efficiency of ordinary shelf-type AGVs. It can reach up to 4m in height, doubling the storage efficiency of a regular shelf-type AGV, making effective use of the “extra space in the hollow.

Point 2

Simultaneous transfer of up to 5 containers at a speed of up to 1.8 m/s

Equipped with a proprietary algorithm to maximize throughput even in narrow aisle widths. Provides high transport capacity.

Point 3

Easy to change the layout

The QR code format makes it easy to change the layout. This ensures flexibility even at sites with frequent changes.


Features for ACR

Excellent hardware performance

Basic performance

Capable of reaching storage shelves up to 4 meters high. In addition, up to five containers can be transported at once.


It can accelerate and decelerate smoothly even in narrow aisles while suppressing the shaking of the load.

Battery performance

Short charging time and long operation time.


Equipped with a variety of safety features (LiDAR sensor, bumper switch, etc.).


Software easy to use


Customer case


An international 3PL service company

・5 containers can be transported simultaneously
・Greatly improved shipping efficiency
・Effective use of space by using 4m high shelves


A precision equipment manufacturer

・Breaking away from low-efficiency manual picking
・Full automation from sorting to supply of parts
・Full operation in only about one month